Since 1985, the founders of EyewearHub.com have owned and run highly successful retail optical chains. That means for almost 30 years we have been caring for millions of people. Understanding our customers’ needs, desires, and expectations is what makes us so successful. Our customers always receive the most professional solutions for all of their vision needs.

Many happy customers have motivated us to expand our successful offline business into the online world. EyewearHub.com, our specialized e-commerce site, now offers superb knowledge, experience, and professional optical solutions to an unlimited clientele. And we have so much to offer.

Our philosophy is that eyewear is not just a clinical solution for vision problems; it is an opportunity for self-expression. EyewearHub.com provides the perfect atmosphere for discovering one’s most authentic self-expression. We do not bombard our customers with unimportant products or data. We offer a clean, diverse shopping experience that is relevant for everyone.

EyewearHub.com is a generous enterprise. We cultivate long term relationships with our customers and do everything we can to make them happy. Our generosity takes many forms, including a free shipping policy, a free pair of Erroca sunglasses with every purchase, and more.